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Cen-Pe-Co Greases

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Syntho Cen-Pe-Co Syntho Lube
A superior multi-purpose grease. A red 12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with extra tacifying synthetic polymers and stronger anti-wear additives for outstanding staying power. NLGI #2.
Mega Moly Cen-Pe-Co Mega Moly
A gray, tacky, 12 Hydroxy Lithium Complex, multi-purpose grease fortified with 30,000 ppm Molybdenum Disulfide which excels under sliding action found in construction equipment. NLGI #2.
Double Duty Cen-Pe-Co Double Duty
A green, tacky, Lithium Complex grease. For high temperature use in heavy equipment and passenger vehicles. NLGI #2.
Moly HD Cen-Pe-Co Moly HD
A gray, buttery, multi-purpose, 12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide. Excellent cold weather pumpability. NLGI #2.
Aqua Lube Cen-Pe-Co Aqua Lube
A black, multi-purpose, 12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with unique synthetic polymers that give it unparalleled performance in the presence of water. NLGI #2.
Winter Syntho Cen-Pe-Co Winter Syntho
A cold weather, Lithium Complex version of Cen-Pe-Co Syntho Lube with outstanding cold temperature pumpability. NLGI #1.